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Thank you for bringing your concerns to us. As per our privacy policy, IBO Player does not provide any content or manage subscription plans. We only develop the media player application. 

A few tips to troubleshoot streaming issues:

- Check your internet connection speed and try switching to a stable WiFi network. Stream quality depends on bandwidth availability. 

- Close any other apps running in the background as they may be consuming internet resources. 

- Restart your streaming device/app. This clears the cache and helps resolve any technical glitches.

- Contact your service provider for support on subscription plans and content access troubleshooting. 

As a neutral media player developer, we do not have access to private playlist data or control over streaming restrictions implemented by content providers. For any subscription or streaming content queries, please check with your service provider directly. 

Our role is to ensure the player app functions well on supported devices. If you face issues with the app interface or features, feel free to write to us. But for live content playback issues, engaging your subscription service provider would be the right way forward. I hope this provides some clarity on the limitations of our support scope. Please let me know if any other assistance is needed.

IBO PLAYER  supported devices can be activated after a one-time fee of 10€ EURO for each TV/device


IBO Player is an innovative and efficient Media Player designed to offer seamless playback for multi playlists in the popular m3u and m3u8 formats.

With IBO Player, you can effortlessly organize your playlists into different categories, including Live TV channels, VOD (Video On Demand), Series, and Replay. This allows you to enjoy your favorite videos, streaming channels, and TV programs in exceptional high-quality formats.

IBO Player is now officially available on various platforms, including the Samsung TV Store, LG TV Store, Android, iOS, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Hisense. Additionally, it is compatible with Android boxes, Android TVs, Amazon sticks, and similar devices.

To install IBO Player on your Android box, Android TV, or Amazon stick, please use a downloader app to download our application via the provided URL link.


We strive for professionalism and aim to deliver an exceptional media playback experience through IBO Player.

SAMSUNG TIZEN update via usb up 2016 till 2018 DOWNLOAD HERE

We kindly request that you refrain from sending us emails inquiring about specific channels within the application.

For your convenience, we encourage you to review our frequently asked questions (FAQs) section.

Please note that any emails requesting free IPTV channel packages will be disregarded and remain unanswered.

Here's a brief overview of how IBO Player works:

1. Log in using your device's Mac ID and device key.

2. Upload and add your m3u playlist from your IPTV provider.

3. Restart the app to apply the changes.

4. Now, you can enjoy your TV experience with IBO Player.

Thank you for your understanding.